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2CV racing featured in Octane magazine PDF Print E-mail

2CV racing has been featured in this month's Octane magazine, as part of a feature on low-cost single make racing. Please click on the image below to see the full article from the ‘Chequered Flag’ supplement, April 2014. Reproduced by kind permission of the Editor. (

2014 regulation changes PDF Print E-mail

The club has published this document to show what the rule changes are for the 2014 racing season.

Please be aware that this is NOT the full 2014 regs, which are yet to be ratified by the BARC, but this is just a helpful guide to what's changed between 2013 and 2014. Please click on this link to download the document, in Word .DOC format.

2014 championship PDF Print E-mail
8 January 2014
For Immediate Release


During 2014, the Club will celebrate its 25th continuous year of racing the iconic Citroen 2CV, with drivers and teams competing in the Championship.


Our race programme is organised in conjunction with BARC and features four sprint race meetings, concluding with the 24th running of the unique 2CV 24 Hour race. In total, it is a ten-race season at five meetings:


29 March -  Oulton Park, Cheshire - 2 x 20 minute races


26/27 April - Croft, North Yorkshire - 2 x 20 minute races


17/18 May - Pembrey, Dyfed - 2 x 20 minute races + 2 hour endurance race


26/27 July - Cadwell Park, Lincolnshire - 2 x 20 minute races


30/31 August - Anglesey - PMWE / Dodo Juice 2CV 24 Heures d'Anglesey


The cars are all Citroen 2CVs, prepared to meet the technical regulations evolved over many years by the Club. The regulations are designed to encourage close, low-cost, motor racing. Top speed is around 85mph, and the racing is famously close - check out 2CV Racing on You Tube.


Entry fees are around £350 for two 20-minute races, and you can do just one meeting. If you enter and pay for the full Championship sprint series, there is a discount.


The 24 Hour Race is the final round of the Championship and is extra, with the entry fee being around £2,500 for a car. That, and the running costs, are typically shared between four drivers. This is by far the lowest cost of any European 24-hour motor race.


To enter the Championship, you can:


:: Buy a defunct 2CV and build it up into a race car. There is lots of advice available from the Club technical committee and parts are readily available. Some motor engineering and welding skills are required. A number of specialists can prepare engines. There is a special Economy class for newcomers to Classic 2CV racing - safety equipment is the same as in all the 2CV race cars, but in this class, performance modifications are much more limited. Depending on how much work is outsourced, an Economy class car can be built for around £2,000.


:: Buy a ready-made 2CV racer. Occasionally, a race-prepared 2CV becomes available on the Club website or on Ebay. Expect to pay around £3,000 for a good chassis and £1,000 for each good engine. You will need at least two engines. Once it has been checked and brought up to current spec, you are ready to go racing. And then the fun and the learning for drivers and crew really starts.


:: Rent a seat in a car being run by another driver or team. In a sprint race, this is by negotiation, but might typically cost £350 for a 20-minute race. Plus damage and engine blow-ups. In the 24-Hour race, a seat might cost £1,500 to be one of four drivers. There, a session lasts around two hours, and you would normally get three sessions. There is a tow-in rule, which means that nearly all cars finish.


If you do rent a seat, please take time to get to know the car and the team. Manage your expectations while you develop the special skills needed to maximise your speed in a racing 2CV.


Although the cars are a classic design and not as quick as many other racing classes, don't under-estimate how challenging they are to drive. With only 602cc and about 40hp, the skill in getting a good result is to minimise braking. Drafting (as they say in NASCAR) is another skill to learn. In the 24-Hour, a train of several cars can help each other around that little bit faster, for lap after lap.


2CV Racing enquiries:

Please visit:, or send an email (with an evening phone number) to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Journalists and commercial enquiries:

Martin Harrold: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


2014 Racing Calendar PDF Print E-mail
2014 race dates
March 29th Oulton Park Rounds 1 & 2
April 26-27th Croft Rounds 3 & 4
May 17-18th Pembrey Rounds 5 & 6 + 2hr
July 26-27th Cadwell Park Rounds 8 & 9
August 30-31 Anglesey Round 10 (24hr)

The race dates for the 2014 season of 2CV racing have been announced.

Each meeting will be a 'double-header', meaning two 20 minute races on the day, or over the weekend - more details on individual races will appear on this site as soon as timetables are published for that event (usually 2 weeks before the event)

Pembrey will be a 2 hour enduro, in addition to the two sprint races.

The 24 hour race this year will be held over the Saturday - Sunday at the end of August - this time held at Anglesey circuit, after 10 great years at Snetterton.

Economy Class Posters PDF Print E-mail

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Next Race

March 28th, 2015
Oulton Park

Current Standings

(Final, 2014)

1st Pete Sparrow 934
2nd Peter Rundle 929
3rd Matt Lambert 708
4th Richard Lambert 703
5th Kris Tovey 640
6th Caryl Wills 640
7th Glenn Oswin 600
8th Simon Clarke 598
9rd Matthew Hollis 555
10th Louis Tyson 490

Click here for full table

(Final, 2014)

1st Crisis Racing/Mobility Scooters 163
2nd Tete Rouge Racing 159
3rd Team SeaLion 145
4th Gadget Racing 128
5th Rosie Racing / Walford 103


"I was at silverstone last sunday and I enjoyed the 2CV race more than any of the others! I thought it was fantastic Cheesy" - Tom Bowen

"I [raced in the 24hr] last year and it was by far the best motorsport event I have ever entered!!  You can't beat it for value for money track time and friendly atmosphere. Don't be afraid to ask any questions, in my experience everyone is more than willing to help you out" - Steve Walford