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24 hour entry form available PDF Print E-mail

The Classic 2CV Racing Club has published an entry form for the 2015 24 hour race, to be held in late August. As in previous years there is an "early bird" discount for those who submit their entries before the end of May.

Please click this link to download the form, fill it in and send it to the address listed on the form.

Brands Hatch, 2015 PDF Print E-mail

For the Brands Hatch round of the 2015 championship, sharing the meeting with truck and Legends racing was always going to get some good crowds! Over 10,000 spectators poured into the Kent circuit to watch the 2CVs compete, and perhaps some truck racing too!

They weren't greeted with the best weather if they turned up early - there was a cloudburst about 30 minutes before the 1st 2CV qualification session, so the track was damp and greasy. This was a surprise to many who were expecting a dry session, and the conditions caught a few out - there were several spinners, but fortunately no serious accidents.

It was business as usual at the top of the timesheets. Sparrow in 1st, with Richard Lambert just behind, then Philip Myatt, Peter Rundle and Alec Graham. Rundle was later excluded from qualifying for a technical infringement, but was able to start the race from the back of the grid. The lap times were incredibly close throughout the field, but some drivers were 'out of place' compared with previous form.

Naturally, during the race (which was held later the same day in dry conditions) those drivers were trying to claw back the places, which led to a fascinating mid-field scrap, featuring up to 7 cars! At the front, Pete once again showed his dominance and put a sizeable and unusual gap between himself and the rest of the field, fronted by Myatt. Lambert had made a terrible start, and was suffering from a carburettor problem - he wouldn't be alone in suffering from this, Glenn Oswin's car was a regular pit visitor because of a similar issue, and Simon Crook also experienced fuelling problems. Behind Myatt, Alec Graham slotted into a comfortable 3rd, and behind him it was anyone's guess who would come out on top, and each lap there was places changed. In the mix were Kris Tovey, Nick Crispin, Paul Taylor, Matt Hollis, Mick Storey, Caryl Wills and Glen Oswin (prior to carb problems). With the exception of Oswin, they finished in that order, but it would be impossible to list here all the place changes!  Behind was another scrap for the places just outside the top 10, featuring the recovering Rundle, Tom Perry, and Lambert with his fuelling problem.

Qualifying for race 2 was held on the Saturday, but the race itself was held on the Sunday morning - both sessions were dry and sunny. Philip Myatt was on pole, with Jon Davis (taking over from Pete Sparrow) in 2nd. Then Alec Graham, Matt Lambert, Kris Tovey and Mick Storey making up the top 6. Davis started the second race well and held his position for about a lap and a half, but then the duo of Myatt and Matt Lambert took over, the two of them swapping the lead over the course of several laps. Davis meanwhile, slipped down the order to 14th place. Graham slotted into 3rd once more, and all seemed to be stable for many laps, but with Kris Tovey slowly making his way to the front after starting 6th, the order was bound to be shook up! Tovey, initially accompanied by Tom Perry and Mick Storey, arrived in the top 4 by lap 10 - Storey having risen to 3rd by this point. Graham dropped down to 5th, but by lap 15 he was back in 3rd and it was Lambert who fell back somewhat.

For a while it seemed that the order at the flag would by Myatt, Tovey, Lambert, Graham and Storey. However, with just 2 laps to go, Myatt's engine developed a problem and he did not finish the race. that promoted Tovey into a healthy lead, helped by Graham, Lambert and Storey battling for position. Graham initially claimed 2nd, but then slid down to 4th, leaving Lambert to take a deserved 2nd, and a proud Mick Storey to take 3rd place.  With Graham in 4th, Nick Crispin, Louis Tyson, Matt Hollis, Simon Crook, Jon Davis and Julie Walford made up the rest of the top 10 spaces.

The 2CVPARTS.COM championship will be back in May for 2 more races at Cadwell Park, in Lincolnshire.

Maria's photo gallery can be found here:

TSL timing sheet:


Brands Hatch programme PDF Print E-mail

The 2CV Racing Club championship features heavily in the race day programme for the forthcoming weekend at Brands Hatch (11/12th April, 2015), including this excellent article. Please click on the image to download/show a larger version (.PDF file)

Brands Hatch 2015 entry list PDF Print E-mail

Race: Brands Hatch race 1.
Date: 2015-04-11 (2015 season)

Count Name Team name Car #
1 Kris Tovey Crisis Racing 3 5
2 Glenn Oswin Team Ecas 7
3 Chris Yates Impulse Racing 20
4 "Papa" Mick Storey Rosie Racing 2 22
5 Ash Carter Jelly Snake Racing 23
6 Alec Graham 1103 30
7 Caryl Wills Crisis Too Racing 36
8 Simon Turner Tete Rouge Stevenage Sheet Metal 42
9 Richard Lambert Axtron Limited 43
10 Philip Myatt Myatt Racing 44
11 Michael Fox Team Asquith 45
12 Ian Arnold The Pie Men - Boss Hogs Army 50
13 Steve Walford Walford Racing 55
14 Sammie Fritchley Gadget Rouge 56
15 Simon Crook Team Lumaca Racing 58
16 Paul Taylor MRB Racing 66
17 Nigel Hollis Hollis Motorsport 3 70
18 John Widdowson Widdowson/Hollis 71
19 Matthew Hollis Hollis Motorsport 72
20 Nick Clarke Rosie Racing 77
21 Adam Bollons AB Fitness Hallmark 81
22 Nick Crispin MIM Racing 89
23 Jon Davis Sea Lion with Sparrow Automotive 97


Race: Brands Hatch race 2.
Date: 2015-04-12 (2015 season)

Count Name Team name Car #
1 Kris Tovey Crisis Racing 3 5
2 Glenn Oswin Team Ecas 7
3 Chris Yates Impulse Racing 20
4 Katy Storey Rosie Racing 2 22
5 Ash Carter Jelly Snake Racing 23
6 Alec Graham 1103 30
7 Nick Roads Crisis Too Racing 36
8 Paul Robertson Tete Rouge Stevenage Sheet Metal 42
9 Matt Lambert Axtron Limited 43
10 Philip Myatt Myatt Racing 44
11 Martin Fox Team Asquith 45
12 Ian Arnold The Pie Men - Boss Hogs Army 50
13 Julie Walford Walford Racing 55
14 Tom Perry Gadget Rouge 56
15 Simon Crook Team Lumaca Racing 58
16 Louis Tyson MRB Racing 66
17 Nigel Hollis Hollis Motorsport 3 70
18 John Widdowson Widdowson/Hollis 71
19 Matthew Hollis Hollis Motorsport 72
20 "Papa" Mick Storey Rosie Racing 77
21 Chris Hall AB Fitness Hallmark 81
22 Nick Crispin MIM Racing 89
23 Pete Sparrow Sea Lion with Sparrow Automotive 97
Oulton Park 2015 PDF Print E-mail

Oulton Park is always a challenging circuit to race on, but especially in the rain, and as first qualifying for the championship got underway, there was plenty of that in the air, and on the track!

Although there were many spinners in qualifying, most of the drivers got away with no damage, or just a few scratches. However, that wasn't to be the case in race 1.

Richard Lambert claimed a well deserved pole position for race 1 in treacherous conditions. Behind him, a superb effort by Nick Roads secured a place alongside on the front row. 3rd was taken by Jon Davis (sharing with Pete Sparrow in the #97 Fine Print car) and 4th was Philip Myatt, returning to the series and sharing Nick Paton's car. Glen Oswin, Alec Graham, Caryl Wills, Louis Tyson and Mick Storey rounded out the top 10.

For quite a few cars, race 1 lasted one corner. Some cars went wide onto the grass-crete on the outside of the corner, and spun back onto the track, causing others to lock up and hit each other. Much of this transpired because the pole sitter was tipped into a spin by a spinning Nick Roads. Nick finished up broadside in the middle of the track and was hit by several cars, most notably Sammie Fritchley, who had started low down the order due to an engine change. As she rounded the first corner she was unsighted by cars in front, and as they sweved to avoid the carnage, Sammie had nowhere to go but head first into the side of Nick's car.

Despite some heavy bruising to his thigh area, Nick was able to get out of his car within minutes, but there was concern over Sammie's condition, so an air ambulance was called to the circuit. Sammie was having trouble breathing due to serious bruising and a suspected cracked rib. Fortunately there turned out to be no broken bones.

Sammie is at home and recovering well. She said about the accident:

"I'd just like to say a huge thank you to the marshals, medical and rescue team at Oulton park on Saturday. They were fabulous and so reassuring. Very scary not being able to breathe but plenty of trained people around me to make sure I carried on! I think a new record as well of how many people can get in a 2cv! Not sure what I was most scared of; how broken I was, or how broken the car was. I do remember telling them not to cut the roof off though! Hospital staff were really good too got me scanned then up and about a few hours later full of drugs.
A huge thank you to everyone who looked after my dad at the circuit and to Paul who came to the hospital with him, he wouldn't have coped with out you all so thanks again.
And now a huge thank you for all the texts, calls and Facebook messages. I really appreciate all your well-wishes, thanks again. I will be at Brands Hatch but not behind the wheel as I can't hold a steering wheel yet and need to buy new race kit. Watch this space for Cadwell - I'll be back. Thanks again everyone xxxxx

After a long delay to clean up after the accident, and of course to wait for the air ambulance to land and take off again, race 1 resumed with most taking their original grid spots but some drivers electing to start from the pitlane. As well as Fritchley and Roads, Glenn Oswin and Alec Graham also picked up damage and did not take the restart.

With a shortened race due to the stoppages, the front-running quarted of Kris Tovey, Jon Davis, Richard Lambert, Steve Walford wasted no time in battling for the lead. Walford initially gained a place or two but slipped back to 5th. Tovey moved into a slender lead by lap 2, and while Davis and Lambert swapped places, Louis Tyson (starting 8th) slowly creeped up on the leading pack. Further back, Caryl Wills was charging through the field, and Philip Myatt slipped back due to engine problems. After 4 laps, Tovey was able to hang on for a very well deserved win in his brand new car, with Jon Davis snapping at his heels, only half a second behind. Lambert crossed the line for 3rd, followed by Tyson, Walford, Nick Crispin, Nick Clarke, Matt Hollis, Chris Yates and Caryl Wills making up the top 10. Tyson claimed fastest lap.

With a strong wind blowing and the afternoon sun finally breaking through the clouds, race 2 was a much dryer affair. 2014 champ Pete Sparrow was on pole, with Matt Lambert in 2nd and Phil Myatt in 3rd. As the lights went out, Sparrow flew into the lead and was never seen again - finishing the race 8 second ahead of the pack! Battle was resumed between car 5 and car 43 for second place, this time with Matt Lambert in #43. However at the end it was Tovey in the #5 car taking the nod at the finish for 2nd, with Lambert having to settle for 3rd. Behind them, the #44 car of Myatt/Paton began slipping down the order, again a victim of some engine gremlins. This allowed Caryl Wills to rise up the order to 3rd, before falling back down on the last lap to 9th. Also on the rise was Mick Story, taking over from Nick Clarke - starting 11th, he made it up to 4th by the finish. Matt Hollis finished 5th - an excellent race for him having started 14th!. Paul Taylor, taking over from Tyson, finished 6th, and Alec Graham, Julie Walford, Caryl Wills and Martin Fox rounded out the top 10 finishers. Simon Crook was the only non-finisher, suffering engine problems due to debris stuck in his carburettor.


Video from Richard Lambert's car:

Click here for a link to the TSL timing sheets

Maria's photo gallery:

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August 21-23rd, 2015
Anglesey Circuit, N. Wales
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24 hour race!

Current Standings

(After Cadwell Park, 2015)

1 Pete Sparrow 567
2 Kris Tovey 528
3 Jon Davis 485
4 Richard Lambert 440
5 Matt Lambert 435
6 Nick Crispin 375
7 Nick Clarke 370
8 Matthew Hollis 345
9 Louis Tyson 338
10 Paul Taylor 335

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(After Cadwell Park, 2015)

1st Rosie Walford Sea Lion Racing 113
2nd Team Grrrr 92
3rd Team Naughtybear 90
4th Crisis AB Fitness Hallmark 89
5th Hollis Motorsport 66

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"I was at silverstone last sunday and I enjoyed the 2CV race more than any of the others! I thought it was fantastic Cheesy" - Tom Bowen

"I [raced in the 24hr] last year and it was by far the best motorsport event I have ever entered!!  You can't beat it for value for money track time and friendly atmosphere. Don't be afraid to ask any questions, in my experience everyone is more than willing to help you out" - Steve Walford