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Home Latest News 2012 2CV Racing Poster
2012 2CV Racing Poster PDF Print E-mail

The Classic 2CV Racing Club have produced a poster featuring the details of the race dates for 2012 and some extra info. Click the image below to download the poster to your computer in PDF format.



Update on the 24 hour race entries:

The following teams have made an entry for the 24 hour race this year:


  • Hollis MotorSport
  • Crisis Racing
  • Iceni Racing
  • Team Twin Snails
  • Daughters&Dads
  • Dogfish
  • Team Fine Print
  • MIM Racing
  • Car 63
  • Crusader Vans
  • Lucky Jon Racing
  • BCOT
  • The Pie Men
  • Flying Dutchmen
  • SJ
  • Rent Boys Racing
  • Team ECAS
  • Grease Monkey
  • Tete Rouge 1
  • Gadget Racing 1
  • Gadget Racing 2

Additionally there are 3 'Mini Grand' entrants so far.


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