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CAD/CNC files for 2cv windows PDF Print E-mail

Here are some CAD files for cutting polycarbonate on a CNC machine for racing 2CVs.

Please see this forum thread for further information.

2CV introduction PDF Print E-mail
One of the great advantages of 2CV racing is that almost anyone is capable of building or repairing a 2CV race car. The process of conversion is fairly simple and the club's aim is to keep it this way. We know that being able to refine something rather than replacing it with something new every year keeps costs down and builds reliability; it also makes people happy.
About 2CV 24 hour PDF Print E-mail

IMG 9747When you think of "endurance racing", the first car that comes to mind may be a sports prototype, like the evocative Silk Cut Jaguars, or perhaps a Porsche 911 rocketing down the Mulsanne straight at Le Mans. You probably wouldn't think of a Citroen 2CV, unless you were mad.

However, the humble 2CV lends itself particularly well to the unique challenges posed by a 24 hour race.

Club Camshaft PDF Print E-mail

The history of the club cam-shaft by Gary Adnitt

There is no getting away from the fact that when Terry Collier proposed a club cam-shaft for 2cv racing, the shock waves through the club were amazing, so why do it? One reason and one reason alone, to even up the racing and make it fair for everyone, new racer and veteran racer alike.

Belgian arms PDF Print E-mail

Why Belgian Arms?

For years we have had problems with the occasional breakage and for some time we have been thinking that adopting the rosejoint and bracing technique used by our counterparts in Belgium would be a good idea.

Although it looks complicated, the modification of an already turned arm should be relatively straightforward as long as you have access to a medium powered welder and can weld to a good standard.

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