2022 championship points table

PosNameCadwell 1Cadwell 2Pembrey 1Pembrey 2Silverstone 1Silverstone 2Croft 1Croft 2SnettertonGrand Total
1David O’Keeffe8075105100360
2Nick Crispin95758090340
3Gary Adnitt103100075278
4Lien Davies7090075235
5Chris Yates55606045220
6Andrew Bull35555560205
7Luca Proietti7583035193
8Sandro Proietti7580035190
9Julie Walford6565055185
10Steve Walford6565055185
11Martin Riman60307015175
12Aubrey Brocklebank60307015175
13Nick Roads007580155
14Simon Turner4505050145
15Matthew Hollis5004530125
16Max Wyer15352040110
17Roy Eastwood15352040110
18Glenn Oswin20453010105
19Matthew Arrowsmith-Brown20453010105
20Pete Sparrow0093093
21Ainslie Bousfield00652590
22Nicholas Home00652590
23George Broadhurst1020401080
24Laurence Broadhurst1020401080
25Sebastian Jones-White40035075
26Mick Storey0006868
27Andi Donaldson25400065
28Nigel Hollis1010252065
29Richard Hollis-Brown10500060
30Katy Storey3010101060
31Lauren Storey3010101060
32John Widdowson10500060
33Shirley Hennessy1015151050
34Chris Hall102510045
35Giles Owen10100020
36Jennifer Hall0010010
Point scoring system: Points will be awarded to competitors listed as classified finishers in the Final Results as follows:- 1st – 100, 2nd – 90, 3rd – 80, 4th – 75, 5th – 70, 6th – 65, 7th – 60, 8th – 55, 9th – 50, 10th – 45, 11th – 40, 12th – 35, 13th – 30, 14th – 25, 15th – 20, 16th – 15 and 10 points for all other finishers. In addition five points will be awarded to the driver setting the pole position time and three further points awarded to the driver setting the fastest race lap. Drivers who share a car at a meeting where driver changes are not permitted shall score the total of their own points and the points of the driver with whom they share the car, but only when the sharing driver is competing in the shared car.