Thanks in part to the club’s innovative ‘early bird’ discounted entry system for the 24 hour race this year, there are currently 24 UK club spec 2CVs entered. This is something of a record for the beginning of March!

Whilst the ‘early bird’ offer has now ended, there is still time to get your 2CV entry in for this year’s race – at the same price as last year’s ‘early bird’!

Don’t leave it too late – places are going fast, and we estimate there could be a capacity grid (46) this year!

Current entries:

Team Name Car #
Rambo 26
Baycon Racing 30
Rosie Racing 7
4 Amigos 35
Team Twin Snails 41
tba tba
Jelly Snake Racing with Liqui Moly 23
Iceni Racing 60
Franglais Racing 57
Franglais Racing 58
Rilii 25
Crisis One 92
JPC / Vision / MMR 64
Team Gadget Racing 1
G R Racing 21
2CV Team Lion 1 97
2CV Team Lion 2 79
Blueberry Muffins 40
Rent Boys 43
Pork Pie Racing 96
Hollis Motorsport 72
Wills Motorsport 36
Blueberry Tarts tba
MIM Racing 89