The CITROEN WEEKEND, August 27-29 at Snetterton circuit in Norfolk, brings together the 31st running of the Citroen Classic 2CV 24 Hour Race and the first Citroen Classics Gathering featuring Citroen cars and vans, classic and current.

Citroen Classic 2CV 24 Hour Race

The 31st running of the Citroen Classic 2CV 24 Hour Race makes it by far the UK’s longest running twice-round-the-clock motor race. A grid of over 30 cars, mainly Citroen 2CV’s with some Classic Mini-Grand cars, will try to go as fast as they can while staying out of trouble in the hope of being on the podium at the finish.

Each car has 3 or 4 drivers, of all ages and levels of experience. Some of them were in the first ever 24 Hour race. Others will have just gained their race licences. The 2CVs stop every two hours or so to take on fuel, change drivers and deal with any damage. These are cars where a pit crew can change an engine in under 10 minutes!

If you arrive on the Friday, you can watch testing sessions during the afternoon, then in the evening watch the 2CV day-time and night-time qualifying. On the Saturday there will be the first ever 1 Litre class race, a 3.5 hour endure, plus two MX5 races. We regret that under current Covid rules, visitors are not permitted in the Paddock area.

The Citroen 2CV 24 Hour should start at 17.00 on Saturday and finish same time on the Sunday. The race will be covered live and available on BARC.TV You Tube channel, here:

Park inside the circuit alongside other Citroen enthusiasts

We expect many Citroen owners to bring their classic and current cars and enjoy the weekend of socialising that is the fun part of being at a 24 Hour race weekend. Car clubs and groups can request marked-out parking areas for their members with 2CVGB and Citroen Car Club having already arranged theirs. There are plenty of water points around the parking area and toilets are a short walk away. There is wi-fi by the grandstands at Murrays and Nelson bends

Near the parking area will be the Citroen Classics Gathering. A display of some of the most interesting and innovative classic Citroen cars and vans. Mixed in the display will be a selection of current Citroen, DS and Peugeot cars and vans, including EV’s, kindly supplied by local dealer Duff Morgan. This display will be open 10 – 4 on the Saturday and Sunday

Everyone is welcome to come along to the Citroen Weekend, whatever the make, type or age of car. A weekend pass is £22, teens 13-15 £13, under 13 free, booking in advance. No dogs can be admitted.

If you have a Citroen or any other French car or van, then complete the special section on the booking screen and qualify for discounted weekend passes, £15 and £11.

You are welcome to pitch a tent and stay over Friday and Saturday nights. In the parking area there are water points and the toilets are not too far away. There will be security patrols.

Covid rules have been lifted and spectators can now also enjoy the race paddock area, wandering around the back of the pit garages and seeing the race crews at work. It also allows access to the shower block in the paddock. [Para updated 5.8.21].

Spectator Cars Drive-around

On the Saturday, there will be two sessions where spectators can drive their own cars around the race circuit. It will be in 25 car convoys at regulated speed. Look for the sign-on desks in the camping area inside Coram bend. [New item, added 5.8.21]


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Information correct as at 20.5.2021