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Title: Another great Mallory weekend!
Post by: Oli Hall on September 24, 2007, 07:57:09
What fantastic racing!

Thanks everyone for another great race meeting at Mallory. Congratulations to Hollis motorsport for a great win and to Phil and Paul for securing Phil another championship title!

Note to self... must remember to select 1st gear to start the race... Oppssss!

See you all soon.

Title: Another great Mallory weekend!
Post by: Frank Barnard on September 24, 2007, 11:24:07
The racing might have been great, but the previous day's meeting wasn't. I travelled to Mallory for two reasons: to take part in a constructive discussion about the Club's future and to race on Sunday. Neither happened, for reasons that are connected.
To have a roomful of 40 people enthusiastic enough to show up for the aforesaid discussion, and then abort the proceedings was, in my view at least, a missed opportunity to hear all sides of the various points of view, which appear to differ widely  (as far as one could make out in the general hubbub).
It seemed, and again this is my personal opinion, that the small print of rules and regulations was being applied as rigidly as in any Court of Law. For example, the great majority of members voted in favour of Aubrey Brocklebank's simple request for an expanded management committee but this was brushed aside on what appeared to be a cursory count, and demands for a recount rejected, which obviously made AB's position as chairman-elect untenable. The impression was given that the Club is in the grip of a welter of suffocating red tape, instituted by a minority that does not reflect general opinion.
I entirely supported Aubrey's somewhat plaintive plea, in the middle of all the furore, that this is a club, not a trade union. As a matter of interest, I looked up the word 'club' in the Oxford  dictionary when I got back. It can be ' an association of people united by a common interest' or a  weapon to beat someone over the head with. Maybe the time has come for the Club to choose which it prefers.
The fact is that the Club has an opportunity to elect an articulate and able business professional who actually races to a position in which he (and whatever management team he thinks he requires to do the job) could make a difference. It struck me as ironic that the previous chairman, who seemed to be against the expansion of the committee, if I read him right, which admittedly was somewhat difficult in the circumstances, cited lack of time for not being able to sort out various issues relating to sponsorship.
The shambles left me, in the words of the Bard, severely hacked off and partly as my own small protest and partly because I was as bored as hell by the whole affair, I chose not to race on Sunday and waved goodbye to 500-odd quid as a pay-driver. As a retired old codger this is a luxury I can now enjoy, having sat through countless tedious meetings of all kinds in my time; the luxury to walk away.
May I hope that commonsense prevails, that AB is duly elected, that democracy returns, that the club is confirmed as 'an association of people united by a common interest' and that I can walk back in again.
Finally, driving home, I remembered an AGM I attended in, I think, 1996 at which people like Martin Woodley, Royce Grey and a certain Paul Robertson were much in evidence; a rather jolly occasion, as I recall, with everyone given a chance to speak and, just as important, to be listened to and their views taken on board. It was good to see that Paul feels as passionately as ever about the Club's past, present and future and I endorsed entirely his final comments that seemed born of understandable frustration; a frustration that I and I assume others shared, having travelled long distances a day early to witness good old British bureaucracy and pedantry in action. Having said all this, one has to acknowledge that volunteering for any role in a Club like this is an often selfless and demanding job and those who do so deserve every bit of support and encouragement it is in the power of the members to give.
That's a given, but those same volunteers also have to reflect the general wishes of the members and, if for any reason, they don't, then maybe it's time to consider creating another Club. But it won't be one I want to join...

Title: Another great Mallory weekend!
Post by: Andy Craig-Smith on September 24, 2007, 11:57:05
Well-said Oil,
Well-said Frank,
The 2 words that come to mind about the AGM are, Pathetic & Anal.
I've never heard so much Sh*t about rules, the rules is killing the club.
It is suppose to be a racing club.
The people who voted against or abstained (as this really counted against) need come up with something bloody great soon, as I for one won't be wasting my hard earned cash racing in a club strangled by rules and regulations.
The club had a great chance to go forward and grow..............had!

Title: Another great Mallory weekend!
Post by: Oli Hall on September 24, 2007, 15:00:46
Aside from the racing that I thought was great....

Obviously there were issues from the AGM. I wasnt there because im not a paid up member. I should have been paid up and I should have been there, so for that I am very sorry.

I think that the club... not the organisation under a banner or a rule book, but the people that make up its members are fantastic. I think that with that in mind it is a great shame that there has been a breakdown in communication or such a vast difference in opinion.

Again, i know that im not a paid up member, but may i suggest something that may be useful to help people to understand where the breakdown happened rather than relying on heresay/speculation. Is it possible for minutes of the meeting (brief as it was) be published? Also, could all those who voted (or obstained) write a brief overview of why they voted the way that they did? Some may not want to reveal the reasons why, but if you are prepared to and it is useful (not just character assasination) then I think it could be useful moving forward.

One last thing... if we are sticking ruthlessly to the rules and regulations, with what happened, did the AGM actually follow its full course or was it cancelled/ended prematurely? If this is the case then maybe we could all have a long hard think about what has happened and sit down to have a go at it again

All the above is my opinion based on very little information, so i hope that it doesnt offend anyone. Its just that it seems such a shame to be having such big issues when we really have such a great club...

Title: Another great Mallory weekend!
Post by: Frank Barnard on September 24, 2007, 15:42:58
I'm tired of worrying about whether I offend someone. Members are surely free to be critical, without being accused of so-called character assassination? My posting was couched in surprisingly moderate terms considering the circumstances; far more moderate that those that occurred to me when I was ushered out of the Hailwood suite on Saturday evening after forty-plus people had gathered to achieve precisely nothing. Who are we worried about upsetting here? As far as I'm concerned I bothered to attend the AGM (didn't have to embark on a six-hour journey a day early), I've expressed my views very clearly and I don't intend to go over the whole, sorry business again. Thank you and goodnight.

Title: Another great Mallory weekend!
Post by: Chris Yates on September 24, 2007, 16:58:36
Quote from: "Oli Hall"
Also, could all those who voted (or obstained) write a brief overview of why they voted the way that they did?

In the hope that this will achieve something...

I travelled down on Saturday evening, especially for this AGM. I was not racing on the Sunday, but I made the effort to come down and support the club and the chairman elect.

Aubrey made it clear that he wanted to expand the committee, as a condition of him standing for chairman.

I believe Aubrey wanted more people on the committee that could act officially on behalf of the club in important matters, such as (as Frank states above) sponsorship, meeting organisation, etc., that one person alone might not have time to do.

In my opinion this is a good idea, and I voted in support of this. Ok, I appreciate there may be drawbacks if the committee don't agree, but I believe this will not happen often if at all.

It's a great shame that matters came to a head and the meeting was called off early. If the AGM is to be staged elsewhere, then obviously this will incurr further cost to members wishing to attend, and attendance may be lower next time, which will make it harder to achive a 2/3rds majority vote.

If the rules need to be 'bent' to save the club, then perhaps now is the time to start thinking of ways to do this. We have no chairman, and no one else has stepped forward (to my knowledge), and we're running out of time to have an AGM and set the direction for next year's racing. We need a plan...

Title: Oh dear, oh dear
Post by: Martin Harrold on September 24, 2007, 21:00:47
Sounds like it was an event to miss on Saturday evening.

I enjoy 2CV racing - frankly it gives another old codger a bit of a thrill and a challenge, without too much risk to wallet or limb. Our little team, which has been racing for I think nine years, has done only the 24hr for the past two years owing to pressures of my business. However, thinking that the doc might start not to be so kind to me at my personal MOTs in future years, I'm tooling up to do the full series next year, calendar permitting. We are all looking forward to it, simply because we like it, petty politics, bits breaking, the wet and the cold all notwithstanding.

There is some evidence that I'm not too bad at organising commercial things. I enjoyed helping organise the first two 24hr races following the move to Snet, when we were all on a huge learning curve after the somewhat informal way things were done at the wonderful Mondello.

There were and are a lot of very good, able, industrious people in the club, with a strong vision for the future. We must all feel for Christine just now, one of the most loyal servants the club has ever had. But I eventually stood down because there was one person in the club who, whilst being very industrious, just lacked that essential vision. We grated, and I opted out. As Frank says, that is one of the happier options available to us oldies.

Since then I've kept my head down, and recently limited my activities to just organising the 24hr radio and keeping the team ticking over. I'm not much of a committee man, but  have had a couple of chats with Aubrey and I shared some promotional ideas with him. He is a man of great experience and charm, and a true racer, and the club has somehow done itself a huge disservice by not warmly embracing him. So far as I know there is not a very long queue of others with his skills looking to take on the task.

I propose that the club examines what the rules position is regarding suspending membership of anyone, who, in a vote, other members think is not acting in the best interests of the club. Once the nettles have been cut down, then we should go on bended knee to Aubrey and ask him to reconsider.

PS: Frank B - come and have a cup of tea with us if you are coming to Pembrey. We could form the Codgers Coalition, and if there enough of us, maybe 10CC!

Title: Another great Mallory weekend!
Post by: Nigel Hollis on September 25, 2007, 10:27:16
I think many of those attending on Saturday evening came away in shock, not quite believing how matters had ended in such a farcical manner.I believe some of those who abstained from voting did so because of the poor acoustics in the building and weren't actually sure what they being asked to vote on!
So now we are being asked to 'bend' the rules so that another meeting can be had at Pembrey but without the required amount of advanced notice being given. What a pity a bit of 'bending' could not have happenned at Mallory with the meeting being reconvened after a short 'cooling-off' period , when members would have still been on site!
Exactly who is watching overhead waiting to strike down with a rod of iron at the first indiscretion- and with what punishments!!! Are we all being frightened by our own shadows? We are a racing club and our absolute top priority should be that we can actually continue racing!

Just as a point of interest regarding the 2/3 rds majority thing.
Correct me if I am wrong but voting last year for this years racing format went as follows:
Endurance only -                     6
Sprints only + 24 hr. -             5
No change from 2006 -            4
Abstain -                                3      
Are we then racing illegally this season? Got to go now- somethings knocking on my front door.

Title: Another great Mallory weekend!
Post by: Oli Hall on September 25, 2007, 14:33:52
Many good points and it seems that all who have responded on the forum are in favour of what was proposed by Aubrey. I have to say that having done a little more digging into exactly what that was (as i wasnt there), it makes a great deal of sense to me.

In short, i undertand that the proposal was to have a chairman with commitee of management (3-4 members) to help spread the workload and allow a group to work to their individual strengths. If i am wrong then please correct me...

I honestly cant believe that is in any way contentious. It makes HUGE sense.

Right, so enough of what i think.

I propose that on the specific question above only, that a postal vote take place. Documents both for and against the above proposal should be included in a mailout to the membership (any occasional racers who want to vote should have the opportunity to join immediately and be included). All members wishing to write an arguement for or against should have a certain timeframe to send their thoughts in. A postal vote will allow all to have their say and all to vote.

Once the question above is decided upon then we can arrange a new time to talk about the important issues involving the racing and next season. I thought that the above was a given!!

N.B. The question above is with regards to a new club management structure and NOT its specific personel. If you have voted against the structure due to some personal or petty dislike for an individual then you have missed the point!!!

Title: Another great Mallory weekend!
Post by: Oli Hall on September 25, 2007, 15:27:32
Sorry, me again...

First im not at the meeting and second, I hadnt actually read the rules (club rules - these can be found as a link next to Trevors ugly mug in the club contacts section of the website) that seem to be the nub of the issue... In the words of the Eurovision song contest 'Oliver Hall - Nil point'.

They actually make very interesting reading... well actually i lie, they're in a rule book, which inheretly means that they are not exactly a page turner, BUT i think that they should be read by all who wish to comment.

Its left me feeling that there could well be a solution that would appeal to all involved.

Right im off the re-read point 6.1 while calculating the elevation of my heart rate above 'resting'.

Title: Another great Mallory weekend!
Post by: Richard hollis on September 25, 2007, 20:33:44
Hi thanks to all the people that have congratulated myself and Matt on our first championship win. 6 years of trying and it feels great, still can't quite believe we did it. I'd like to thank Matt for getting the car to the front in the first place!, my Dad Nigel for building the engine, my Mum Susan, who me and Matt dedicate the win to, (she gave up her milestone birthday (21 again) to come and help out) and to Mr Myatt for a great race. It was probably one of my most enjoyable races ever and a brilliant reminder as to why we race 2CVs.

I've got a plan to solve these crazy club politics and the hypocisy of not allowing any bending of these bizarre club rules at the AGM only to be asked to bend them 2 days later! We should start a new club exactly the same as this one except its called the Classic 2CV Racing Club with a commitee of 6 and a race format ready to agree on. Who wants to join?

I'm only joking but it might come to that! Finally thanks to Dad for making some common sense above and the Frank who not only hits the nail on the head with his comments but is also prepared to give up his fully paid up drive purely to make his point. I think this shows how madly frustrated people have become in this club, myself included.

I say Aubrey for chairman and give him anything he needs to take this club forward before there is no club left.

Right, where did i put the sledgehammer, if got a rather bent 2CV to fix!

Title: Another great Mallory weekend!
Post by: Ainslie Bousfield on September 26, 2007, 21:04:38
OK, as Andy (Ohhhh Yes) Smith requested those that did not vote in favour to explain their actions, I will put my views forward.

I abstained from the vote at the AGM.

I didnt feel I had all the facts to make a decision either way.

I did not get the letter from Aubrey stating quite clearly that the election of 3 more officers was a pre-requisite of his stand for chairman. I also may have missed him explain this at the meeting.

I also missed somewhere that a 2/3rds majority was required, because to add 3 new members to the commitee is constitutional change, rather than the straight forward majority vote rule.

I can fully understand Aubrey's desire to add to the committee to spread the job amongst 3 willing volunteers.

I also understand that there may have been some constitutional reasons why we may need to consider that the 3 roles have to be designated titles and that each individual would have to be voted on.

(I dont quite understand why we have a constitution that seems to tie us up in such knots. Also it seems that we have some rules which we stick to rigidly and others we bend freely.)

What I dont understand is why everything wasnt made crystal clear before the vote.

It all seemed a bit rushed. I know that some are drawn by the sirens calling from the public house but we had a responsibility to all those that had attended to try and work through it

Make no mistake, I wanted Audbrey to be chairman, I was glad that those that had made the 24 hour such a success wanted to contribute even more to the club. It is a shame that we didnt vote on that, but we didnt.

Title: Another great Mallory weekend!
Post by: Derek Coghill on September 29, 2007, 20:18:52
Another abstainer here.....(just got home).....I had a couple of things that I wanted clarified before voting; the vote happened too quickly. I'd more than likely have been in the "yes" camp.

Oh aye, and I had fun racing too.