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Title: Club & Race Promotion
Post by: Martin Harrold on December 16, 2007, 21:27:41
Now we've got a new Chairman, with some extremely good connections, supported by a hard working committee, it's down to all of us members to help them along.

Keeping the publicity machine going is a crucial part of that - we need to keep on punching above our weight. Aubrey is setting things up for a club display at Race Retro, which is a very important event. I'm sure he and others have lots more ideas, and to make any of them work will require a lot of input from members.

At risk of getting my head bitten off for boasting, here's some of what Team Fine Print is doing:

- many of you probably saw that in the Autosport annual review edition, there was a big picture of our Snet 24hr pit lane at night, and our race was mentioned alongside the Silverstone 24hr. That was probably not unconnected with the fact that Edd Straw, deputy news editor, drives in the race with the team, and he'll be back in August. Edd has been made aware that we are now called Classic 2CV Racing Club, and we hope he might work that into any news items in future.

- if you click on: or: you'll see that one of our modest sponsors has given the team and the 24hr a feature space on their specialist website.

- the team car is being re-painted ready to feature on the Fine Print / Lion stand at the big 'Focus On Imaging' photo show at NEC Birmingham, Feb 24 - 27. Around 32,000 visitors should pass by and will be able to take pics of the car with Miss Fine Print (yes, I know, it's sexist and corny, but it always works). We are also working with Canon, Tecco (a German inkjet paper manufacturer) and Inkrite (legal compatible ink cartridges) in '08 and they are open to low cost promotional ideas in involving their products, racing 2CV's and boosting sales.

We like the '08 calendar and hope to do all five events.