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Title: Fantastic Weekend
Post by: matthewsmithlondon on August 11, 2008, 13:46:56
Dear all,

Just home from Snetterton after my first 24 hour race. It was a truly fantastic weekend and I want to say thank to all involved - marshalls, organisers, mechanics, supporters, other drivers and teams. And of course Keith Shoebridge and the Crusader Vans team, who worked so hard throughout the weekend and had so much bad luck.

Despite the unlucky result it was a truly memorable experience for me and I hope to be back next year.

Good luck to everyone for the rest of the 2CV racing season.

Best wishes

Matt Smith
Car 29

Title: Re: Fantastic Weekend
Post by: Bob Rice on August 11, 2008, 15:32:01
Hi Matt,

I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the weekend, I was afraid that you might have gone away disappointed considering our lowly finishing position, we did however try our hardest to ensure that you got your full quota of driving time, hopefully we succeeded.
Also, hopefully, if all goes well, you will consider driving for our team again next year, however, if you were, understandably, drawn toward another team, I would be pleased to endorse your suitability
The Car 29 team of Student helpers I thought were amazing, especially considering their lack of any 2CV experience, and I would be more than happy, indeed keen to work with them again.
I believe some mistakes, errors of judgement and unfortunate decisions, occured before the event and for my part in any of that I apologise, especially for failing to have my race engine completed in time for you Guys to use.
So, as Race Manager for the team on the day, I would like to thank you, our other Drivers and our 'Students' for your patience, commitment, feedback and understanding throughout the race. I admit to having various reservations concerning the lack of 24 hour race, and 2CV Racing experience of our Team Drivers, all reservations proved to be unfounded.
For my part, I departed the Circuit disappointed of course, but amazingly, less disillusioned than in 2007...............but still don't ask me to drive Keith!

Perhaps Keith could remind me how many engines now need to be salvaged or rebuilt, is it 6, or maybe 8, then again it might be 7.........I suppose the Porsche will have to be pushed outside to make room in the Garage!

Finally, I took a limited number of pictures in and around our Pit, if anyone wants copies, please e mail on [email protected]

Well done everyone at Snetterton.

The only way from here is ten finish in 2009?

Bob Rice

Title: Re: Fantastic Weekend
Post by: Pete Sparrow on August 11, 2008, 17:27:40
I'll have a set of photos please and i'll see if we can have a look at David Bain's as I know he took a few. If I get some i pass them round.
regards, Pete

Title: Re: Fantastic Weekend
Post by: Steve Cowell on August 11, 2008, 18:09:20
I'd like to add my thanks to the students as well, you did a great job guy's,good luck building your car for next year, Matt was good to drive with you,glad you enjoyed it,better luck next time folks :)

Title: Re: Fantastic Weekend
Post by: Nick Jackman on August 11, 2008, 19:36:25
i am one of the students who helped out the crusader vans team this weekend, can i just thank the drivers who gave us an entertaing night fortunatly not down to any of them crashing, bob and keith for allowing us to come and help and everyone who helped us out and made it a fantastic time that we all enjoyed and cant wait to come along to next year. Hopefully running our own car but will be more than happy to help the team out again. Thanks again from all of the students that were able to come along to the event. Would i be able to get a copy of them photos please aswel.


Did anyone pick up a blue A4 notepad with the pit times in? if you have it or know who does could you get in touch please i need the data for my college work. Thanks

Title: Re: Fantastic Weekend
Post by: Bob Rice on August 11, 2008, 20:13:58
Hi Nick,

Thanks again for helping at the race.
Let me have a postal address, use the e mail address above. Unfortunately I can't get Broadband where I am now living, so the pictures will come to you on a Disc (perhaps you will help by distributing them on to your colleagues.)
Due to the limitations of my Camera, and the lighting conditions some of the pictures are not fantastic, but will , no doubt, revive memories of the night.

Regarding your book, the last I remember was that 'e mail' addresses were being written in it, prior to them being passed to Pete. If, or should I say when, it is returned to you, please can you let me have a copy of the times etc. It would be helpful in my analysis of the race.

thanks again


Title: Re: Fantastic Weekend
Post by: matthewsmithlondon on August 11, 2008, 20:24:35

No apologies needed. I had a truly brilliant time - one of the best, if not THE best racing events I have ever done in fact. Sliding a 2CV round Coram and Riches at 4am, in the rain, one headlamp working and my glasses steamed up. Fantastic!!!

It was great spending time with you all and I should endorse the other comments about the students. Thanks very much indeed guys, you are stars. Does this make you think again about a career in motor sport??!!!

I have quite a few pics (there are also some of car 29 - with me driving - on Flickr).

I have a few email addresses (got Martin, Steve, Pete, Dave, Keith, Bob) but can't seem to extract others from this forum, so if you want copies please email me at [email protected] or post address here and I will end out tomorrow.



Title: Re: Fantastic Weekend
Post by: matthewsmithlondon on August 11, 2008, 20:28:27
PS - I think the missing notepad had a list of timings/events of the 24 hours - it would be great to have a scanned copy (or photo copy), if at all possible. A nice record to keep.

Title: Re: Fantastic Weekend
Post by: Chris Yates on August 12, 2008, 09:03:11
Congratulations to all involved in the 2008 Stingray 24hr race - it truly was a memorable event in many ways!

Quick thanks to everyone with a hand in organising the event, including all at BARC who put up with us, the marshals who kept us safe out on the track and endured some unpleasant weather, the commentators, the timekeepers from TSL, the folks at Snetterton circuit, any and all spectators, and of course, everyone from the teams - drivers, mechanics, managers, caterers, well-wishers and tea-makers.

Thanks also to Steve Cowell for signing our pit-marker after the race ;)

Now, those nice people at TSL have provided a .PDF file of the results of the race, this year including a comprehensive lap chart - so that's all the individual lap times from each car! Plus, the positions of each car and their times on each lap of the race. You can download it here: - and be sure to save it somewhere or print it off for posterity :)