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Title: 2017 Race Calender
Post by: philip myatt on November 04, 2016, 10:19:23
Hi all
I'm sure that everyone wants to get dates into their diaries as soon as is practically possible, to help as best as possible the current situation on dates is listed below.
This is all a somewhat frustrating process as we tend to come somewhere down the pecking order when getting suitable dates.
I realise that the circuits are the ones that we have used for the last few years, but quite simply for those who may have wanted to go somewhere different, they are the top 4 circuits choosen
in the recent club survey.

The date for the 24hr is definitely confirmed and should remain as that weekend in August for the next 3 years.
Personally I'm not happy that the Croft and Cadwell races are so close together and I am still working with Barc to see how we can juggle what is available to us.

Treat the sprint meeting dates as provisional until final confirmation.

18 March 2017         Oulton -  2x20mins
29/30 April 2017      Croft  -    2x20mins + 1x2hour
13/14 May 2017       Cadwell    2x20mins
1/2 July 2017           Brands    2x 20mins
18/19/20 August      Snetterton 24 Hour

It isn't yet possible to give the entry fee costs but full and final details should be available by the AGM or soon afterwards.

Best regards


Title: Re: 2017 Race Calender
Post by: philip myatt on November 23, 2016, 09:02:51
Change of Date

Well spotted by Adam, this is always the risk associated with making an early announcement.
The Brands date has currently changed to 29/30 July, officially all the dates are still provisional but it is getting close to when they should be able to be considered firm.