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Title: Board Minutes,
Post by: Andrew Bull on February 07, 2017, 12:02:06
Have been through the Minutes of January meeting and I am pleased that the club are actively considering putting journalists in to cars. 

Can I make a clear observation followed by a request.

1 Our club is about 2cvs and the last time we had a journalist write something it was almost announcing the 'end is nigh' for the 2cv. Anglesey 2016 report!
2 The journalist, must be in a Citroen 2CV Club class car Not a C1!
3 If we subsidize a seat then I would expect that we should be able to proof read or at least have some say in the  direction / objectives of the article to ensure the correct message is given, which is promoting '2CV' racing'

One final quick one, The notes suggest that notice of the EGM was required by 4th Feb.  The e-mail was sent on the 6th.  Does this still fit within the quoted notice period for an EGM? 

Thanks and keep up the good work. 

Title: Re: Board Minutes,
Post by: coxm on February 07, 2017, 19:51:06
Thanks, Bully, we're trying our best and have a number of strands in play for improving the coverage of the series.

We've got two different proposals on getting a write up for each race next year, which we will consider at the next board.  Both are experienced journalists, but with different approaches and cost levels.  The aim is to ensure that we have ready-made articles and pictures for all the magazines and websites (including our own), so that we will get proper coverage of the series.

We are also looking at commissioning a proper video of the 24-hour so we have a short clip and a longer programme (for DVD) again for use on the website and, in the future, things like our upcoming stand at Race Retro.  Its something that the VW Fun Cup do really well, but there's a cost to it of course.  The thinking here being that if we have a professional DVD, if we can sell that at 20-25 a pop, the sales will help to off set the costs of commissioning it.  This will also be going to the next board, once various quotes etc have come in. If you want an idea of the sort of quality we are aiming for, have a look at this

Clearly, the focus of that video is more on the charity than the race, but hopefully it gives an idea.  We already have live commentary and some fixed cameras which Martin organises for the race radio, so its a case of recording it all, adding some in-car, a roving camera and then the time-consuming and difficult part of editing it into a decent story.  Simple to describe, but quite a lot harder to execute.

Lastly, on getting journalists in 602s, I guess this is a bit of an appeal.  We have at least four journalists that would like to do a sprint race; and Autocar who are happy to drive in and write up the whole season including the 24hr, where they have offered to field an entire driver line up.  The issue on this is finding the teams that are prepared to give up seats for this.  Reality is journalists don't pay for seats; and I'm afraid that they won't let you see the article before they publish it; so we have to go with what is possible.  So I guess we are asking for volunteers to provide seats?  Happy to talk about subsidising entry fees etc.