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Title: Seats
Post by: carlosbeneto on April 15, 2019, 16:46:05
Good evening everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster.

I'm in the process of welding up my 2cv which is destined to get a BMW engine. This is not going to be a road race car, I'm going to be using it for cross country rallying and some dailying (hopefully). The car will be getting a roll cage and seats, for all this I'm basing a lot of the inspiration from you guys.

I'd like to ask if I may, what seats fit well in these cars? I'm told that due to the narrowness of the car and the cage, some of the seats with wider wings need to be offset. I'm hoping to head off tomorrow to buy a pair, so it'd be great to know what make/model seats you are running. I'll also be getting 5/6 point harnesses too, so full on racing seats (bearing in mind they're for long distance travel!). Bear in mind that this will be a 2 seat setup as I'll have a navigator.

I'm guessing the experience of the 24h races will be invaluable answering this one.


Title: Re: Seats
Post by: Chris Yates on April 15, 2019, 18:56:55
Both my cars have fairly wide seats - mine's got a Sparco Circuit II ( and the other has a Corbeau Revolution XL. Both with big winged headrests.

Both are positioned in such a way that the driver's feet line up with the pedals perfectly, I.e. pretty much the original intended position. Mine touches the roll cage on the driver's side, but both have enough space in the passenger area for another seat - possibly a smaller one, but it's possible. It really helps if the passenger seat is set a little further forward or back.

You can see a 2-seat setup on the car that Top Gear borrowed:

Title: Re: Seats
Post by: carlosbeneto on April 15, 2019, 19:29:11
Cheers! Those look good, good suggestion offsetting the seats fore/aft! The seats in the video seem to be a Mirco RS2 for Matt and a Corbeau Pro Series for Chris, looks like a tight fit but doable!

I'm going to call Sabelt in the morning to see what they've got available, I understand some people on here use them? Otherwise it's a 2 hour trip to GSM Performance (like I don't drive enough already for work...)

Cheers once again!