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Title: Dinner Dance 2020
Post by: Lauren Storey on July 07, 2020, 12:00:34
Hi everyone!

Earlier than normal to be talking about the Dinner Dance but it has been a bit of a wild year.

The Dinner Dance tends to be booked more than a year in advance, so the 2020 date has been set for a while.

With everything going on, we have been given the option to keep our booking for this year, and if the event cannot happen, the deposit that has already been paid by the club would then be moved to the date held for 2021. So the club will not lose out on money with keeping our 2020 booking.

I am very aware that there are lots of different opinions regarding what should and shouldn't be done, so please have in mind that this poll is based on the thought that it would be safe to hold this event. We just need to see about potential numbers to find out whether we would still be able to hold the event for those who would like to go. (please vote on the poll!)

The 2020 Dinner Dance would be held on Saturday 21st November. It would be very similar options for food as previous years at this venue.

Feedback I got back from last year was that it was disappointing that the bar closed early - the events manager at the hotel has put a note on our booking to say that the hotel bar will need to be kept open later for residents at the hotel, after our event has 'finished'.

We had discussed potentially having some novelty awards so that we could be inclusive to everyone going, as the season has not happened in the way that it has been planned and we know lots of people have not been able to race. If you have any ideas for these please let me know! We are all hoping that the event could just be a fun evening for everyone to see each other after so long, even if there aren't so many awards to give out (I am sure Mick can fill any gaps with lovely stories in his speech).

The hotel have saved us a date for the 13th November 2021 - I know that this may be the race of remembrance weekend, but this is the only Saturday night left in November (there have been lots of weddings that have had to be rearranged). The events manager at the hotel saved this for us without any request to do so, she had just noticed that slots were filling in fast, and that the 2CV club have been loyal to the venue for the past few years. I feel it is best to keep this date, as otherwise we would be going in to 2022 and if the 2020 Dinner Dance does not happen, it will have been a long gap.

Lets all be kind to each other and understanding that everyone has had differing experiences in this time! Also, I am a bit of a social media recluse, so please chat to any of your friends/team mates who might not see this post on the forum!

If any of you have any extra questions or ideas, please feel free to email or text me. / 07759959443

Apologies for the many many words to this post, as most of you know I just love a chat  :P , I hope you're all healthy and that we can see each other soon!  :-* xoxoxox

Title: Re: Dinner Dance 2020
Post by: Nick Roads on September 13, 2020, 10:21:55
Hi All,

Sorry to announce that the Club is to cancel the Dinner Dance for 2020. With the various Covid-19 guidance and regulations there is not a way that we can see to run the event.

Thanks to Lauren for the effort put in during 2020 on this; we can confirm that the date in the Clubs diary for 2021 is Saturday 13 November.

We are looking at ways we can have some awards and a low key social event at Mallory Park for the planned race meeting on Sunday 11 October 2020, possibly on the evening before if access is allowed to the circuit. We will advise under the racing (not 24 hour) part of this forum on that.

We will advise on the 2020 AGM location and plans under the announcements part of this forum separately - it will take place on Saturday 21 November 2020 as planned.

Nick on behalf of the Board -13 September 2020

Title: Re: Dinner Dance 2020
Post by: Christine Savage on September 27, 2020, 13:40:30
Hi Nick, could we hold the AGM via zoom or teams?

Title: Re: Dinner Dance 2020
Post by: Nick Roads on September 29, 2020, 05:09:19
Hi Christine,

We are looking at options using Zoom. Email to members should go out next week on the AGM.