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Title: Helmet Cameras - A Warning!!!
Post by: Trevor Williams on July 25, 2020, 08:26:29
With the 24 Hour Race now 5 weeks away, I want to reinforce the warning regarding HELMET CAMERAS..... Unless they are approved by the FIA, they are illegal for use under regulation K10.3.3d

As a competitor from another championship found out at Croft recently, breaking this regulation entails, at the minimum, disqualification from the race.

In my opinion, as he had submitted a self-declararation that his kit complied with the regs, he should have been reported to the Stewards for further action, and possibly reported to the MSC too.

This is the camera that the competitor was using..... All scrutineers, and MSUK, have been informed of these. Over the past year both David Wheadon of BARC and myself have asked this company for proof of approval from the FiA, with absolutely no reply. Unlike both Arai and Bell, companies that replied withing a few days.

Just a reminder of the only two helmets currently approved for use with helmet cameras are the Bell HP77 and Bell HP7 Evo III, NO OTHER HELMET IS APPROVED

You have been warned! Please warn our continental friends!