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Title: Board Meeting - 15 September - Zoom in?
Post by: Nick Roads on September 14, 2020, 15:54:52
Short notice but the Board are having a meeting Tuesday 14 Sept at 8pm on Zoom. In recent years we have tried to hold a meeting on a race weekend to allow members to participate. There has not been an opportunity to do that this year and therefore if any member can use Zoom and wishes to participate then please message me by 7:30 and I can send you a link.

We will be discussing in detail as to how we hold the AGM later this year, the details for the Mallory race planned for October and a review of this years 24 Hour race among other items.

On a separate note if any member has any technical or sporting proposals then please send those in for consideration, the expected cut off will be 2 weeks after Mallory meeting, the minutes of the meeting tomorrow may change that date.