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Title: Technical Proposal for 2021 season
Post by: Richard hollis on September 15, 2020, 18:55:56
Hi All,

Please can I ask if anyone has any technical proposals for the 2021 season. If so please email them to or alternatively to Chris Yates. Please make sure your proposal is seconded by a club member and that you are a club member yourself.

Kind regards,


Title: Re: Technical Proposal for 2021 season
Post by: Trevor Williams on October 03, 2020, 13:52:09
Questions arising from the Board minutes 15thSeptember 202

1. Why do you think scrutineering has been "almost non-existent" this season? Have you read the MSUK guidelines for restarting motorsport?

2. Why are you considering paying for a regular eligibility scrutineer? Eligibility scrutineering is a function of your entry fees, and that is why a person is named in the regulations. If they are not available, and licenced eligibility scrutineer can fulfil their role.

3. Why is a "non-standard flywheel" being proposed? The wording of the particular Technical Regulation is clear. There are two STANDARD types of Flywheel.... The sue of the word Standard then refers you back to Technical Regulation 5.1 Standard is as defined in Citroen manuals MAN108161 and MAN308162. This regulations also covers modification..." means any change in the design, material, shape, dimension and / or surface finish of any component except for basic manufacturing processes, normal wear and published service or repair procedures" If someone is using a non-standard flywheel, someone either needs to protest it, or the board need to request the Eligibility Scrutineer to check that part. This just seems the latest in the usual club procedure of legalising illegal modifications in the next set of regulations

3. Are you proposing to allow modified pistons?

4. If someone has moved the shock mounting laterally, this is a breach. If it wasn't challenged, why does it need discussing at an AGM?

5. The only people who can decide is a "patch repair" is legitimate during a competition are the Eligibility Scrutineer and the Clerk of the Course. If you think something does not comply, challenge it! Until then, it does until proven otherwise.