We are pleased to announce that two new awards will be part of the 2022 Classic 2CV Racing Club season, thanks to sponsorship from Sparrow Automotive Ltd, aimed at encouraging new drivers and a new generation to join the grid. At every sprint race there will be a trophy and cash prize for the highest placed novice finisher, and running alongside our successful Seniors Cup, there will now be a similar Juniors Cup, for any driver under the age of 30. Full details of the awards/competitions are:

Sparrow Automotive Ltd Novice Award
Trophy and cash prize (£40) to the highest placed novice in each sprint race.
Novice is classed as any driver that has done no more than 2 x 2CV 24hr races (2CV Club class), or 15 x 2CV races in total, before the first race of the season. Races will only be counted from the year 2000 onwards.

Classic 2CV Racing Club Juniors Cup
Season long cup competition for drivers who are aged under 30 at the time of the first race of the season. Points are awarded for every race as follows:
20-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1 for the top 10 eligible drivers at every race (including the 24hr race).
1 extra point for highest placed Junior in qualifying (‘Junior Pole Position’).
1 extra point for fastest lap set by a Junior in the race (‘Junior Fastest Lap’).
(‘Junior Pole Position’ and ‘Junior Fastest Lap’ extra points will not be awarded for the 24hr race).

There will be an end of season trophy to the winner of the Juniors Cup, and cash prizes for top 3 in the Juniors Cup:
£100 for 1st
£75 for 2nd
£50 for 3rd